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AquaLife 3D Hack

AquaLife 3D Hack

AquaLife 3D Hack

AquaLife 3D Hack possibilities:

  • Adds unlimited Coins
  • Adds unlimited Diamonds

Short information about game:

  • Amazing fish tank and aquarium game with stunningly realistic 3D graphics. Grow fish and other aquatic creatures, sell them when the time is right and buy decorations with the money earned. Progress through levels by collecting experience points. Every new level unlocks new exotic fish, decorations and backgrounds. Complete special mini games to earn some extra money, gain a special rank or win an awesome prize. Invite your friends and have fun together. Feed each other fish, send gifts, clean tanks, cure fish and of course compete. Fish look extremely real and the variety of species is amazing. Grow almost anything from tame golden fish to vicious predators like piranha, shark or a dolphin. Use various of types of rocks, plants, and decorative items of all kinds to turn your fish tank into a magnificent piece of art.


  1. Choose option: Linux; Windows or Mac Download
  2. Click button and start download.
  3. After this, open fbhck:Facebook_Hack.rar
  4. When you open archive start hack.exe
  5. Log in Facebook game.
  6. Now you must click “Connect” button in hack.
  7. When hack is connected, you can adds items in game.

Have fun & Good Luck wishes! – Fallow us!

Facebook Hack information:

  • Works on all internet browsers (Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).
  • Works on LinuxMacWindows.
  • Tested by many people. And a lot of creators of hacks.
  • 100% SAFE.
  • Easy to use! Just click and wait few seconds.




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